Thursday, January 26, 2012

New Year, New Beginnings!

Okay peeps, yes, I have been MIA for a loooooong time! But I am making it mandatory that I blog every week! I took a lot of time into making this blog, now I need to use it! Sorry for the lapse in updates, but I am back on track now!

I have completed numerous food contests since my last blog entry (whew! almost 3 months have past since my last entry, yikes!). And I won a couple here and there! The last contest you knew I was in, was the Aetna Food Fight competition! I flew all the way to Dallas and competed in a hands on live food battle! I came in 7th place overall (not bad for a first timer!). And to top the cake, I was contacted from Aetna, and they put my recipe in their 2011 cookbook! YAY!

My very first win was ironically from Idaho ( my Dad's native state), and the potato mecca! I won the October contest! I made a Chicken Potato Picatta, and was 1st place, I even won some bucks! Since then, I have entered small little contests, but nothing too serious! I'm still young (yes early 30's is young to all you 20-nothingers!), and I want to focus my interest in this cooking world by reading, researching, and visiting all areas related to building a strong foundation to this journey of mine in cooking! Don't get me wrong, I love this new cooking contest world I'm involved in. I'm meeting lots of new foodies (mainly online) that have similar interest as myself, and who knows, maybe I can get a trip somewhere I would never of thought of going through these contests I enter!

To further my joy of cooking, I am currently planning a trip to ITALY! I'm leaving sometime in the Spring, and I can not wait. I have decided to travel solo, considering I am not going to wait around for friends to save money, get time off, have their kid grow up, etc! The time for me is NOW and if I have to travel by myself to attain knowledge for food...I will! I plan to go to multiple cities (of course!) and also take culinary classes while I am there!

So there is the low down of where I have been, what I have been doing, and what I plan to do!

Cheers to cooking!

Freckled Foodie

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