Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Healing with Cooking

I have found an absolute joy when I am completely absorbed with creating a meal, it brings me love and it brings me peace.  I am distracted with pleasurable feelings and calm surroundings.  I never really have had an outlet before that could automatically give me a rush of joy and contentment, regardless of any previous situations...whether I was having a bad day, if I was feeling down, if I got in an argument, or etc.

I am thankful that I can learn more about this craft, and that it can keep me busy. I hope that in my art of cooking, it helps me heal in parts of my life that needs healing...and also gives me a better appreciation for finding some passion in my life. I look forward to the many books, recipes, blogs, classes, and people that will inspire me to master my new found love.

Till next~

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